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About Us

What We Do

We created this site for people who love music. Our goal is to make all music accessible to everyone at no charge. We strive to deliver not just music from several different genres, but also music from different cultures as well. Whatever type of music you like, you can find it here.

How We Do It

We sort our music several different ways. You can search by genre, artist, album, or song title. You can also search for music in the country you live in. If you are not sure what you want to listen to, you can see what is popular in any country. If you know exactly who you want to listen to, just type the artist or album into the search field to get started.

Make A List

Make a playlist to suit any mood or occasion. Once you find the music you want to listen to you can add it to your favorites so you will not have to search for it again. Songs you have selected are automatically added so you can keep track when searching.

Share With Friends

One of the best things about music is sharing it with the people you know and love. Our site allows you to share your music through your favorite social media hangout. You can also view a bio on your favorite artist and print or email it to friends.

Watch The Video

Watching the video allows you to see the context of the music you are listening to better. Once you click on a song, you can see the video via YouTube.

Take It With You

Music is good for listening to, but music is even better when you can listen to it anywhere. Download your music or videos, and listen to or watch them anywhere you want.